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We recruit interns for the world's best companies.

Terra matches top-1% US undergraduate students with 8-week internships at fast-growing companies.
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We recruit for free.

We find top interns for $0.
Our business model is free for companies. Interns pay us for their summer housing and logistics support.
We manage screening, selection, and logistics.
We specialize in finding incredible interns from top US schools. And once we've built your intern cohort, we also manage intern housing, travel logistics, and in-country support.

We recruit from top-100 schools like:

And dozens more...
business areas

Types of interns

We can recruit for any business unit.

Marketing + Growth

Marketing in the 21st century is a highly dynamic and creative business area. We work with teams that are growing fast and need help on a variety of marketing projects and growth strategies.

Digital Marketing
Design & UX
Growth Marketing
Print & Email

Sales + Business Development

Sales is the lifeblood of any company and an absolutely critical role. Many of our partners are exploring new markets and growing their sales teams. Embed for a summer with a sales manager and help close deals.

Business Development
Account management
Inside Sales
Tech sales

Software Engineering + more

We have a number of other internships available for students interested in other business fields. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us.

Software engineering
HR & People Operations
And more!

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We charge students a matching fee for successful remote placements only.
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Startups: $0

We require partners to pay interns, but we do not charge any recruiting fee.
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Intern criteria

This is what we are looking for in our student cohorts.
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4-year college or university
While we do accept recent graduates and MBA students, we primarily look for undergraduate students enrolled at 4-year US colleges or universities.
GPA 3.4 or higher preferred
We know grades aren't everything in business and entrepreneurship. That said, we are looking for serious, ambitious students who have taken their coursework seriously.
Strong interest in chosen field
We look for students who can clearly explain why they are interested in business careers, and in particular working with startup companies.
Mature team players
We pride ourselves in finding excellent interns for our startup partners. We are looking for team players who can mesh quickly with global teams.

Why we stand out.

Our cost is $0.
Students pay us a fee to arrange their summer housing, so our business model allows us to work with partner companies for free.
We bring you top talent.
Our team knows the college internships recruiting market inside and out. We know the best way to recruit top talent for your company.
We make summer internships easy.
Our team handles recruitment, screening, selection, and pre-internship prep and logistics. This frees your staff time.
UVA, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Harvard, Stanford, U Penn, UCLA, Brown, UT-Austin, & more
Who we are

Our team is based in New York City but works globally.

East Village
New York, New York
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