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How much does Terra cost?
We have a flexible three-tier engagement model. We try to work with your existing intern budget. Contact us to get an official quote.
Are interns paid minimum wage?
Yes, all interns must be paid minimum wage as required by the laws of the country where they are working.
Do you work with remote teams?
Yes, we regularly work with remote teams and have a special pricing model that takes into account the fact that interns do not need housing.
Do I pay Terra upfront?
Yes, most engagement require an upfront payment. Contact us to learn more.

Recruiting & screening

Is Terra competitive?
Yes. We find students with strong academic records, excellent communication skills, and strong interest in startups. In 2021 our acceptance rate is ~15% so far.
Do you interview students?
Yes. Every student we introduce to you as a finalist has passed a resume screening and video interview to assess maturity and communication skills.
Can my company interview finalists?
Yes, most of our company partners assign a hiring manager to conduct final interviews prior to accepting an intern applicant.
What happens if I have a bad intern?
That is your decision. We do not manage the interns, we only recruit and introduce finalist candidates. Bad apples do sometimes slip through!


Is my company too small?
Terra typically does not work with companies that are smaller than 5-10 employees, but you can always ask!
Is my company too big?
No, we do not have a maximum size company. We are happy to work with even large companies to take over or manage their intern programs.
Do you work globally?
Yes, we regularly work with global or multinational companies. Many of our interns like the experience of traveling to a global location.
How do I get started?
To get started, just let us know on this form (link here) and we'll reach out and schedule a call to see if you're a good fit. Glad you're interested!
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