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We charge students a matching fee for successful placements only.
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We require partners to offer paid internships, but we do not charge a recruiting fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to pay if I'm accepted?
For students, Startup Summer charges a $1,200 matching fee for any applicant who accepts a position at one of our partner companies. For startups, there is no fee.
Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards and usually request the bulk of fees are paid by bank transfer.
How does your refund policy work?
When you accept a position with Startup Summer, you pay half of your matching fee ($600) as a nonrefundable deposit. If you withdraw before your start date, the remainder of your fee ($600) is refundable.
Why do you charge a fee? 
We are a business ourselves and it takes significant time and effort to recruit great students and great companies to our network. We have to pay our staff salaries and cover ongoing operational and marketing costs.

Eligibility & Application

What do you look for and how competitive is this?
We look for students with strong academic records, excellent communication skills, and strong interest in startups. In 2021 our acceptance rate is ~20% so far.
What is the screening process like?
The first step is our 2min online application. Next, we conduct video interviews, resume review, and work sample tests. Finally, you will interview with a startup.
Do I have to be a US citizen?
For summer 2021 programs, you must be a US citizen to participate in our internship. We hope to open the program to non-US citizens in 2022.
Do you accept MBA students?
We do accept MBA students but we predominately work with undergraduate placements. If you are an MBA student, please apply!


Is this a paid internship? How much do I get paid?
Yes, all Startup Summer internships are paid internships. Our startup partners decide how much they will pay, but typically it is $10/hour.
Is the internship in-person or remote?
For 2021, due to COVID-19, all our summer internships are remote and 8-weeks long. We hope in the future to offer in-person internships globally.
What types of internships do you offer?
Most of our interns are in marketing and sales. We do have limited placements in finance, tech, product, operations, HR & people, and others.
Can I receive college credit?
You may be able to receive internship credit through your university for participating in our summer program. You will have to inquire with your university about this.
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