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A world-class talent pipeline.

We match leading startups with the world's top students. Build a world-class talent pipeline by partnering with us.

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No recruiting fees.

We do not charge our partners any recruiting fee for our work. Joining as a company partner is completely free and no obligation.

Interns can work in many business areas, including marketing and sales.

8-week remote paid internships

Our partners typically pay 6-15 USD / hour

If you join and decide to host interns, we ask that you commit to paying interns 6-15 USD per hour. Our average partner pays $10/hr. Interns work for 8 weeks, 40 hours per week.

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Our team is based in New York City but works globally.

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We charge students a matching fee for successful placements only.
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Financial aid available.
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Startups: no fee

We require partners to offer paid internships, but we do not charge a recruiting fee.
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