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World-class interns for startups & growth teams.

Terra is the #1 recruiter of US student interns for global startups & VC-backed tech companies.
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Your full-service intern partner:

What we do:
We recruit and screen.
We recruit students from top US universities and conduct an initial resume and interview screening.
We help managers prepare.
We know intern managers are busy so we assist them with preparation, structure, training plans, and mentorship.
We add value for interns.
We offer interns access to skill development, mentorship, and a speaker series - making your program world-class.
Meg Lyons
Head of GTM, Polywork, $13m Series A
“Polywork is a venture-backed tech startup in NYC, and we have very high standards for recruiting and hiring. Terra was able to quickly introduce three summer intern candidates from top schools and we hired two of them. I highly recommend Terra to any fast-growing startup who is looking for amazing interns.”
Eric Johnson
CEO & Founder, Membersy, $20m Series A
“Terra was easy to work with and quickly identified several excellent intern candidates for our growing team in Austin. It was significantly easier to hire an intern through Terra than recruit ourselves. Definitely worth considering!”
Daniel Snider
Senior Recruitment Manager, SoundCloud
“We really enjoyed working with the team at Terra. They were very responsive and did a great job of sending over very qualified candidates that were a good match for our internships at SoundCloud. ... I would recommend using Terra to find qualified interns.”
Mark Begert
CEO & Co-founder, FabuLingua
“Terra helped us quickly identify and onboard a bright intern that was the right fit to support some project-based work this summer. Time is always precious for start-ups, and we appreciated the convenient candidate review process with relevant background information and pre-recorded video interviews. It was a simple, quick decision to hire our intern through Terra.”
Roberto Kern
North America Growth, Finn.Auto
“ is reinventing car ownership by making mobility fun and sustainable and has raised over $35m in venture funding in less than 2 years. Terra served as a great partner in finding an exceptional intern to help with our US market expansion. Terra was easy to work with and I highly recommend them to other high-growth international startups.”
Christian Demers
Managing Director USA, air up
"Terra provided an efficient and client centric approach to intern recruitment.  The candidates were introduced quickly and feedback was quickly met with adjustments to recruiting needs.  We are very happy with the candidate we’ve signed on for the summer."

We recruit from top US universities.

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For startups

Interns can be a world-class talent pipeline.

We match leading startups with the world's top students. Build a world-class talent pipeline by partnering with us.

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summer 2022

We find onsite or remote interns.

Marketing, engineering, sales, & more.

Common intern areas:

Below are the eight most common intern tracks we offer. But we can  recruit for almost any team or focus area you require.

Software engineering
Design & UX/UI
Data science

Our recruiting priorities >

Build an intern program fast that matches your culture.
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Top US universities.
While we do accept recent graduates and MBA students, we primarily look for undergraduate students enrolled at 4-year US colleges or universities.
Diversity & inclusion.
Our team cares deeply about equal opportunity and diversity in our internship recruiting process. We work hard to ensure interns from a less privileged background are not overlooked.
Strong academic record.
We know grades aren't everything in business and entrepreneurship. That said, we are looking for serious, ambitious students who have taken their coursework seriously.
Mature & scrappy team players.
We pride ourselves in finding mature, serious interns for our startup partners. We screen for team players who can mesh with global teams.

Why companies work with Terra:

Flexible, affordable cost model.
We have a flexible 3-tier annual engagement model. Whether you are a seed-stage startup or a Series B/C growth company, we can help.
We save you 100s of hours/year.
People/HR leaders love Terra because they can focus on full-time hires without sacrificing a great summer intern program.
Trusted by world-class teams.
We already work with some of the top teams in the world, including tech startups backed by VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz.


2021 interns with return offers.
We have a track record of matching high-quality interns who get invited back or even offered full-time roles.


2021 applicants (so far)
Our team specializes in campus recruiting and we know how to find top intern candidates from great schools.


Built during COVID-19.
Our company was build during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are very comfortable working with remote-first companies.
Natalie Leonard
Davidson College, Class of 2023
"Terra helped me land the high impact experience I was looking for this summer. I interviewed at Polywork, a fast-growing tech startup in NYC, and was recruited as a Social & Brand Strategy Associate."
Matthew Chan
New York University, Class of 2022
“Terra helped me find a summer internship at a company I am excited to work at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a job/internship in the startup space.”
Sydney Scott
Brown University, Class of 2022
“I applied to Terra after spending nearly six months unsuccessfully applying to internships. After getting accepted, Terra immediately connected me with interview opportunities at multiple startups that aligned with both my professional interests and experience... I am now interning at an amazing startup in New York (Polywork)!”
Hunter Galleher
UNC-Chapel Hill, Class of 2021
"Terra led me to an amazing internship in MedTech! They were extremely helpful/present throughout the process and introduced me to a number of interesting opportunities. Their support and guidance enabled me find the right job and to take a step towards my broader goals this summer!"
Keegan Lyle
Ole Miss, Class of 2022
“At the start of my internship search, I was searching tirelessly for the right opportunity and filling out dozens of applications... When I discovered Terra... I applied within minutes, completed an interview within days, and was placed with my current internship within weeks.”
Mason Shi
U Chicago Booth (MBA), Class of 2023
"Terra is fantastic at matching you with opportunities that fit your career goals. I was able to interview with several venture-backed global companies for internships that were very exciting and ended up getting my ideal opportunity. Highly recommend!"

What students think about Terra:

What our 2021 cohort thinks.
We save students time.
Instead of applying to dozens of internships with different application processes, students who apply to Terra are considered for many companies with just one application.
Students love our employers.
We are selective in working with only startups and fast-growing companies with great people and a great culture. Students find our internships are better than most.
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Who we are

Terra was founded in New York City and our team works globally.

East Village
New York, New York
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