safety & covid-19

Terra follows industry-leading safety protocols.

Terra connects the most talented students from around the world with the most interesting and fast-growing startups anywhere. We have a serious screening and application process that allows us to access the top 1% of student talent globally.
We follow FEA guidelines
our staff receive extensive training
global health insurance required
We comply with all local laws
terra 2022

Safety & Covid-19

We are looking for ambitious US students who are interested in business and entrepreneurship.

Our priorities

This is what we are looking for in our 2021 cohort.
COVID-19 protocols
All Terra students are required to comply with in-country COVID-19 protocols, which may include receiving the vaccine prior to entry, wearing a mask, and getting regular COVID testing.
Low-risk locations
Many of our cities have lower rates of violent crime than similar-size cities in the United States. We choose locations carefully and regularly assess risk-levels.
Trained local staff
Terra assigns local site managers to oversee programs in each city. These staff are trained and tested in all our safety and emergency management protocols.
Global health insurance
All students on Terra programs are required to have global health insurance for the duration of their stay that can cover any safety incidents that may occur.
Have other questions?
If you still have questions about funding your program, reach out to our team here and we will try to help however we can!
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Advisory Board & Leadership

Brian Whalen, PhD
Brian Whalen is Executive Director of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC). He is one of the most respected and influential international education leaders globally. Brian also served as President and CEO of The Forum on Education Abroad.
Todd Rothman, MA
Todd is Director of the Office of Academic & Student Affairs at Vanderbilt University. He has a distinguished 20-year career in higher education and previously served as the Director of Admissions at Yale Law School. He earned his M.A. from Columbia University.
William Hyndman, EdD
William is Assistant Vice President for International Education at Florida A&M University (FAMU) where he oversees the Office of International Education and Development. He manages all international programs at FAMU and has 30+ years of experience in international education.
Lawson Kuehnert, CEO
Lawson Kuehnert is CEO & Founder of Terra. Prior to Terra, Lawson was CEO of Atlantis, a global education program in Washington, D.C. that grew from 300 to 2000+ students annually under his leadership. Lawson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UNC- Chapel Hill.