How helps e-commerce brands run their operations.
Logistics Tech, E-Commerce
year founded
Berlin, Germany

Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day.

Step 1 of the Hive Process: Connect

Hive is democratizing access to e-commerce operations. We're providing technology to enable D2C brands to run their operations on auto-pilot. Businesses can integrate their existing e-commerce stores with our own warehousing solution to get up and running. Hive takes care of inventory, orders and returns from start to finish, providing everyone with peace of mind.

Step 2 of the Hive Process: Store

Hive is a fast-growing company with 30+ employees. They look for exceptional talent and are interested in interns in sales, marketing, and even tech.

Step 3 of the Hive Process: Ship
We are looking for very talented interns with a top talent level.
Franz Purucker, Co-Founder & MD