InfoSum provides a decentralized platform designed to remove the trust barriers between progress and privacy.
Tech, Big Data
year founded
London, UK

InfoSum is a fast-growing tech company based in London, UK, that is disrupting the data collaboration space with a decentralized data ecosystem.

How Infosum works.

InfoSum is a fast-growing technology company that has been incubating it's technology for several years. With a team of 50+ people in the US and Europe, Infosum is expanding quickly. They raised a 15m series A funding round from A-list investors in late 2020 and are rapidly adding to their international team. The product is focused on how to help companies connect and share data without sacrificing privacy.

The culture at Infosum is fast-paced and tight-knit. The founder, Nick Halstead, has a great video below about the company if you're interested in learning more.

We are looking for interns in a variety of areas, including operations and marketing.
Lauren Wetzel, President, North America, Global Strategy and Operations