TapTap Send

A mobile app that sends money from Europe to Africa and Asia at a great rate.
FinTech, Mobile
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London, UK

Taptap Send is a mobile app that lets immigrants send money back home instantly and at very low prices. Since launching in summer 2018, it has already moved tens of millions of dollars and reached tens of thousands of customers. It is live in seven European countries, and support payments into Senegal, Mali, Zambia, Ghana and the Ivory Coast, with more countries launching soon.

The TapTap Send team is distributed globally and is over 50 people and hiring fast! Their goal is ultra fast money transfers for anyone, anywhere. They have raised 13m in funding in 2020 and are growing rapidly.

The TapTap Send mobile app

The team at TapTap Send is highly engaged and scrappy. The company is specifically looking for interns who can assist them in expanding operations in the US market. Their core values are below:

Impact first. We exclusively pursue products and strategies that are in the interests of our customers and the communities we serve, while recognizing the tradeoffs this implies

Team next. I am because you are. We succeed or fail as a team -- not individuals -- and with our broader community of customers, regulators and investors.

Accept reality, propose solutions. We recognize challenges, we accept their existence as reality, and we propose solutions.

Win with grit. We seek out opportunities to unlock value by working harder and going further than others might.

Be proactively candid, with yourself and others. We dare to be honest with ourselves and open to feedback, and are willing to say what we believe.

Love the particular. We value an understanding of specific circumstances and conditions -- of individual stories and lives.

Own it, allowing us to create a culture of accountability without blame.

Create positive energy. Maybe, even have fun. We strive to enjoy ourselves at work, and be a source of positive energy for others

From the TapTapSend Website
We are looking for creative, hardworking generalist interns to help us expand in the US market.
Anna Blachman, Growth Lead