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Eligibility & application

How competitive is Terra?
We look for students with strong academic records, excellent communication skills, and strong interest in startups. In 2021 our acceptance rate is ~20% so far.
Do I need foreign language skills?
No you do not need foreign language skills. All internships, even those outside the US, are in English.
Do I have to be a US citizen?
For summer 2021 programs, you must be a US citizen to participate in our internship. We hope to open the program to non-US citizens in 2022.
Do you accept MBA students?
We do accept MBA students but we predominately work with undergraduate placements. If you are an MBA student, please apply!


Is the internship paid?
Most Terra internships are paid internships. Our company partners decide how much they will pay, and the pay varies by location.
Is the internship in-person or remote?
Our plan is for all 2022 summer internships to be in-person and 8-weeks long. If you prefer remote internships, contact us.
What types of internships?
We have 8 internship tracks that you can choose. To learn more, see our intern guide page here.
Can I get college credit?
You may be able to receive internship credit through your university. Our team is happy to help you with this after you are accepted.


Why does Terra charge a fee?
Terra charges a fee to manage your summer internship housing and basic program logistics.
How much does it cost?
Most of our locations have a housing fee between $3955-$6975. You pay $900 of this as a deposit to hold your spot.
Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is nonrefundable in most cases, but if your program is cancelled due to COVID-19 we will work with you.
Is there financial aid?
Yes, don't let finances hold you back from applying. We help every student demonstrating need. See this page for more.
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