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Eligibility & application

Is this program only for US citizens?
For summer 2021 programs, you must be a US citizen to participate in our internship. We hope to open the program to non-US citizens in 2022.
Is Terra only for business majors?
No. Terra accepts students from any major so long as they show interest in and aptitude for a business career.
What is the application process?
We create a custom screening process for university groups. Usually this involves student video interviews and a resume review. Most students will also interview with their company prior to placement.
Do you accept MBA students?
Yes. We do accept MBA students but we predominately work with undergraduate placements. If you interested in partnering with us for an MBA group, let us know!


Are internships paid?
Many Terra internships are paid internships but not all. Our company partners decide how much they will pay, and the pay varies by location.
Is travel allowed during COVID-19?
For American citizens who follow appropriate local guidance on testing and vaccination, many countries are open for travel. See our safety page.
What types of internships?
We have 8 internship tracks, including: marketing, sales, software engineering, data science, operations, consulting, finance, and design.
Is this a safe program?
We cannot guarantee safety on our programs, but our team has extensive experience in international education and we prioritize student safety.


What does the fee include?
The fee includes student housing, some meals and excursions, 24/7 local staff support, local transport, pre-departure preparation, and airport pickup.
What is the fee?
Our fee varies depending on your group size, location, and custom add-ons requested such as classroom facilities. Usually the fee is ~$4999 per student.
How does your refund policy work?
Please refer to our university contract for up to date refund policies. We do our best to refund students, but cannot guarantee refunds in every situation.
What payment methods can we use?
We prefer credit card or bank account transfer.
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